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CULT Food Science Portfolio Series: Building the Future Cultivated Meat Supply Chain

This article was sponsored by CULT Food Science.

With more startups and companies entering the field, the cellular agriculture industry is growing globally. As more players look to transform the future of food with cell-culture technology, it will be important for the field to address the...

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September 2021: The Month in Review

Following a strong summer for the cellular agriculture field, September marked an incredible end to the third quarter of 2021. Cellular agriculture is the field of producing animal products, like meat and dairy, directly from cell cultures instead of raising animals. Compared to conventional...

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Scaling Cell-Based Meat: The Startups Changing the Future of Food

In August, Big Idea Ventures presented their next class of startups.

Running accelerator programs out of both New York and Singapore, Big Idea Ventures is a global venture capital firm supporting early-stage startups exploring the future of food with plant-based foods and cellular agriculture.

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