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The CellAgri Report Series takes a look at how the investment landscape in the cellular agriculture food field has grown over the years and also addresses the key pain points in developing a supply chain for cell-based meat.

The Report Series is broken down into 2 new reports:

  1. The Cellular Agriculture Investment Landscape: How $2 Billion Was Invested in the Cellular Food Industry
  2. The Cell-Based Meat Supply Chain: Addressing the Key Pain Points to Build the Field's Future Supply Chain

The Cellular Agriculture Investment Landscape Report 2021


Report includes

  • Break down of how $2 billion has been invested in the cellular agriculture food industry into both acellular food and cell-based meat companies
  • The 100-page report is broken down into 2 seperate sections: Company Profiles and Top Investors
  • Valuable traction data and numbers from each of the top 45+ companies in the field
  • Listing of top investors associated with the field in both acellular foods and cell-based meats and at each funding stage.
  • 20+ Graphs and Tables breaking down the key investment insights and analyses

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The Cell-Based Meat Supply Chain: Building the Future of Food 2021


Report includes

  • Break down of the key pain points in developing a supply chain around cell-based meat
  • The 108-page report is broken down into 2 seperate sections: Cellular Agriculture Introduction and the Cell-Based Meat Supply Chain
  • Break down of 15 key pain points, including why the pain point matters and its significance for the future of the field
  • Highlighting new opportunities for startups or corporations to enter the field to scale cell-based meat
  • 10+ Tables, including highlighting the state of the industry and startups building the cell-based meat supply chain
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From the investments in the cellular agriculture industry to pain points in the field's emerging supply chain, discover opportunities to become involved in the future of cellular agriculture.

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From valuable company traction data to breaking down the cell-based meat supply chain, stay updated with the latest insights from the cellular agriculture field.

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The CellAgri Investment Report breaks down the number of funded cellular agriculture companies and opportunities in the field.


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