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CellAgri is the leading platform for the latest news, analyses, and insights into the ever-changing cellular agriculture industry. With over 8,500 unique monthly visitors and our dedicated weekly newsletter about the field, we have a specialized community committed to changing the future of food with cellular agriculture.

If you would like to connect with decision makers, investors, startups, and leaders in the cellular agriculture and future food industry, you will want to be a CellAgri sponsor.

Opportunities to sponsor and advertise with CellAgri include advertising on our site, newsletter sponsorship, social media promotion, and sponsored written content.

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Human Metabolome Technologies

Human Metabolome Technologies has been a sponsor of CellAgri for the past two years and has found it to be a great avenue for us to reach researchers in cellular agriculture. This sponsorship has been an excellent way for us to communicate and get our enabling capabilities to companies developing cellular food products.

We appreciate the multiple social media posts featuring our company, and CellAgri’s large social media following has been helping us increase our own following on these social media platforms. Additionally, the publishing of our metabolomics articles, demonstrating the applications of metabolomic analysis in the field of Cellular Agriculture, has been a great way to emphasize the use of -omics technologies and their practicality in this emerging field.

Lastly, the direct access and news sharing have been very useful to us. We have utilized this platform to attend and meet new contacts at these conferences and, from this, have generated many new leads and brought on clients who are now using our metabolomics services to advance the research within their company.

Overall, working with CellAgri has been excellent, the communication is frequent, and we will continue to utilize their sponsorship services to advertise our company within this space.

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From startups and academia to investors and corporates, CellAgri has a wide audience reach specifically dedicated to cellular agriculture.

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