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March 2020: The Month in Review

May 14, 2020

Following the wonderful start to the year in January and February for the cellular agriculture field, March marked a precarious end to the first quarter for the world. Only time will tell if the changes caused by Covid-19 will impact our relationship with food and technology. From new awards to a new showcasing, we take a look at some of the highlights around the cellular agriculture ecosystem from this month.


While no company producing a cellular...

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September 2019: The Month in Review

Oct 30, 2019

Following all the developments in this July and August, September marked a strong end to the third quarter for cellular agriculture. Cellular agriculture (cell ag) is the field of producing animal products, like meat or dairy products, from cell cultures directly instead of raising animals for the same products. Compared to conventional livestock agriculture, cell ag provides a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly way to produce animal products...

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