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October 2019: The Month in Review

Nov 19, 2019

Following a third quarter that featured the first animal-free dairy ice cream and the establishment of the first cell-based meat coalition, October marked a strong start to the fourth quarter for cellular agriculture. Cellular agriculture (cell ag) is the field of producing animal products, like meat or dairy products, from cell cultures directly instead of raising animals for the same products. Compared to conventional livestock agriculture, cell ag provides a...

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Aleph Farms Brings Cell-Based Steak to Outer Space

Oct 12, 2019

The first cell-based meat sample grown in outer space. Without requiring any animals.

Cellular agriculture went to a new frontier. Outer space.

This week, Aleph Farms announced that they successfully grew the first piece of cell-based meat in outer space on the International Space Station. 248 miles above earth.

Based in Israel, Aleph Farms is a startup that uses cellular agriculture to grow cell-based meat, specifically steak. By growing cells that become...

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