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IndieBio: Creating the Future of Food

Dec 19, 2018

In November, IndieBio presented the next generation of biotech.

IndieBio is a world-leading life science accelerator based in San Francisco, California. Backed by SOS Ventures, IndieBio invited the world to meet its 7th class of startups at their Demo Day. For the last 4 months, these startups worked out of IndieBio’s lab space learning how to transform their science into viable businesses.

From innovative treatments to new medical devices, IndieBio’s Demo Day...

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November 2018: The Month in Review

Dec 02, 2018

Following all great news in October, November continued cellular agriculture’s great year. Cellular agriculture is the field of growing animal products (like meat and milk) from cell cultures instead of animals. Compared to conventional livestock agriculture, cell ag provides an alternative and sustainable way to produce animal products to meet the growing global demand. Without requiring animals. From new partnerships and awards, this article takes a look at what...

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