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Highlight your job openings in front of thousands of visitors on the CellAgri Job Board

CellAgri is the leading platform for the latest news, updates, and insights of the ever-changing cellular agriculture industry. With over 7,500 unique monthly visitors and our dedicated weekly newsletter about the field, we have a specialized community committed to changing the future of food with cellular agriculture.

One of the main challenges facing the growing field is finding the right talent to help change our current food system. As the first job board dedicated to the cellular agriculture field, CellAgri is excited to announce the launch of the Featured Section on the Job Board.

With the opportunity to highlight your opening to our community, CellAgri can help you maximize your openings exposure and visibility to help attract the best talent to your application process.

If you would like to connect with scientists, engineers, and jobseekers interested in building the future, you will want to feature your job opening on the CellAgri job board.

Featuring your job opening on CellAgri includes highlighting your posting on top of the Job Board, newsletter mention, and social media promotion.

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1 Featured Job Posting


Package includes

  • 30 days on Featured Job Board Section
  • Mention in CellAgri newsletter's "Featured Job" section for 3 newsletters
  • Share 1 post about job opening on CellAgri's social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin)

5 Featured Job Posting Bundle


Package includes

  • 30 days on Featured Job Board Section
  • Mention in CellAgri newsletter's "Featured Job" section for 3 newsletters
  • Share 1 post about job opening on CellAgri's social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin)
  • Save over 20% with the 5 Featured Job Bundle

Specialized audience

As the first job board dedicated to the cellular agriculture industry, we have a specialized audience looking to find their next opportunity in the field.

Increase your Visibility

From highlighting the opening on the job board to sharing the position on CellAgri's newsletter and social media, we help increase your position's exposure

What Our Clients Are Saying

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Counterfactual Ventures

"Featuring our job openings on CellAgri’s job board and newsletter helped drive traffic to our application pages as we launch our new venture studio. Compared to our non-featured job postings, the featured postings had 8-10x more clicks - particularly though the CellAgri newsletter."

Feature on the first Cellular Agriculture Job Board

Highlight your job openings and get the best talent into your application process.

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