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The cellular agriculture field is rapidly growing around the world. And it can be hard to keep up with all the news and information.

CellAgri is continuously monitoring and tracking all the changes in the growing industry. Making it easier for you to stay on top of all the key updates. 

CellAgri helps you stay updated and find out exactly what is going on in cellular agriculture. Learn how we can help you achieve your goals through:

  • Consulting Services - Looking for answers and support about a specific topic? From connecting with the cellular agriculture ecosystem to exploring novel technologies in the field, we address a range of topics relating to cellular agriculture.
  • Custom Market Research Reports - Understand what cellular agriculture might mean to your sector or industry. From disruption and innovation to new business opportunities, we can design reports about what you're exactly looking for in the future of food.

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Your Cellular Agriculture Deep Dive


1 Hour Call Session includes

  • The first 15 minutes: Overview about Cellular Agriculture Investments and Opportunities
  • The next 30 minutes: We take your core questions and turn them into next part of the call
  • Last 15 minutes: Anything else you would like to discuss 
  • Afterwards, we will send you 1 follow-up email and a recording of the call 


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Due Diligence Investor Support Package


Package for 1 company

  • Looking for expert insight into the cellular agriculture ecosystem during your due dilligence process?
  • CellAgri assists your team with:
    • Technology Review
    • Landscape Analysis
    • Team Analysis
    • Competitive positioning
    • Potential future funding partners

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Innovation Scouting: Startup Discovery Package


Package includes

  • Understand your company's interest in the cellular agriculture industry and the type of companies you are looking for
  • We will search through the CellAgri database and find five startups that are a good fit and connect*
  • Includes report brief highlighting why the selected startups best fit your interests in the cellular agriculture industry

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Cellular Agriculture Market Application


Package includes

  • 1 Hour Introductory Call: Understand your company's interest in cellular agriculture, including the product or service your team would like to offer the cellular agriculture field
  • Follow Up Call Session: CellAgri highlights up to three areas of interest where your service or technology may have application in the field. During this session, we narrow down to your top one area of interest
  • Prepare Custom Report proposing market strategy of your company's service or technology into the top area of interest in the cellular agriculture field, including:
    • Highlighting the field's addressable pain point
    • Competitor landscape: companies also exploring the opportunity
    • State of the industry: is the cellular agriculture field ready for your product or service?

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Custom Market Research: New Exploration


Research package includes

  • 1 Hour Introductory Call: Learn more about your company and your interests in cellular agriculture, including the application that your team would like explored
  • Follow Up Call Session: CellAgri highlights up to three areas of relevance based on your custom research interests. During this session, we narrow down to your top one area of interest for the custom research project
  • Prepared Custom Report: researching the market activity and cellular agriculture's potential to address or transform that unaddressed area, including:
    • Is it viable? Addressing cellular agriculture's potential to address the topic
    • Competitor landscape: companies that can address the opportunity
    • State of the industry: is the cellular agriculture field ready yet to address it?
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What Our Clients Are Saying

Bright Green Partners

“Ahmed’s expertise and experience in the cellular agriculture helped our team move forward on our project relating to the sector. From topics like foodtech ecosystems and investments and scaling, Ahmed delivered valuable insights through well-prepared presentations covering a wide range of topics related to the cellular agriculture field.”

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Who is Ahmed Khan?

Ahmed Khan is a cellular agriculture consultant and the founder and editor of CellAgri. A news and research startup that aims to be the homepage of the emerging field of cellular agriculture.

CellAgri provides the latest updates and insights on a range of topics and trends relating to cellular agriculture. CellAgri’s platform also tracks all the major and upcoming players in the field. Providing them the ability to post and share their latest news and opportunities.

Ahmed is a co-founder and member of the board of directors of Cellular Agriculture Canada, a non-profit organization advancing and promoting the cellular agriculture industry in Canada.

Ahmed has previously spoken about cellular agriculture in Canada, England, Singapore, and the United States. Ahmed first learned about cellular agriculture while studying at McGill University in Montreal, Canada.