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In the last decade, over four billion dollars have been invested in cellular agriculture. We keep it simple so you can keep up to date with all the latest trends and analyses from the field.

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Cellular Agriculture: Webinar Series 2023

From investors and companies to key stakeholders, join the next session of the CellAgri Webinar on September 6th to hear from global and industry leaders as they highlight how the cellular agriculture field is moving forward.

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From the latest funding rounds to company and investor profiles, the CellAgri Investment Dashboard breaks down the investment data behind the cellular agriculture field. To help you make better investment decisions, saving you time and resources.

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What is Cellular Agriculture?

Cellular agriculture is the field of growing animal products from only cells. Without requiring animals.

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Discover the cellular agriculture landscape through the CellAgri Investment Dashboard and Cell-based Meat Supply Chain Report. Explore opportunities to get involved in the cellular agriculture ecosystem, whether as an investor or company looking to offer its services to support the field. 


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