The Cellular Agriculture Investment Report 2021


Discover how $2 billion was invested to change the future of food with cellular agriculture


The Cellular Agriculture Investment Landscape Report

It took the cellular agriculture field 5 years to reach the milestone of $1 billion in funding in 2020. In 2021, the field will surpass $2 billion in total funding. More than doubling in less than 1 year.

The Investment Landscape Report breaks down the cellular agriculture investment landscape company by company so you can understand where the money has gone into the field and where the opportunities are moving forward.

The Investment landscape report breaks down the number of funded cellular agriculture companies into 2 groups: acellular food companies and cell-based meat companies.

The report highlights how the global investment landscape has grown for cellular agriculture companies and our insights on why the field has grown dramatically over the years. The report shares the valuable traction data and numbers from each funded company in the field:

  • Founders, location, focus
  • Funding to date
  • Latest funding round
  • Lead Investors
  • Strategic Partners
  • Launched Products

Investors play a critical role in advancing the field and it's important to highlight the most active investors who are ready to advance the future of food with cellular agriculture.

The Investment landscape report highlights top investors associated with the field who have invested the most into the field. The report lists the top investors in both cell-based meat and acellular food categories and at each funding stage, from seed funding all the way to Series B stage.

With investments in startups all around the world, cellular agriculture is no longer an idea. It can be done. It can become the future of food.

Get your copy of the Investment Report today and discover the where the money has gone and where the opportunities may be moving forward.

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From the investment landscape to company profiles, the CellAgri Investment Report breaks down the number of funded cellular agriculture companies and opportunities in the field.