Laboratory Technician

Wild Type

Location: San Francisco, CA

About the job

- Perform tissue culture work, including cell line maintenance, characterization, and expansion

- Operate and maintain cell cultivators/bioreactors to support production process

- Monitor processes and prepare samples for downstream analyses

- Operate equipment to clean and sterilize tanks and glassware

- Prepare buffers, reagents, and test novel cell culture media formulations

- Maintain accurate experimental records

- Troubleshoot equipment and optimize key process parameters to improve production efficiency

- Take part in managing inventory and ordering of supplies

- Acquire new skills and integrate new technologies

About you

- 2+ years of cell culture experience

- Strong attention to detail and excellent organization skills

- Able to learn quickly and excel in a fast-paced work environment

- Experience preparing analytical reagents and dilutions a plus

- Comfortable taking notes, writing reports, and performing laboratory-related arithmetic

- Able to perform physically demanding work such as moving and lifting equipment, standing for long periods of time, etc.

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