Bioprocess Development Specialist

Application Deadline: April 10th 2020

Employment Type: Full-time

VOW is a different kind of food company. We’re creating real meat products from animal cells, instead of raising and killing the animal. We’re obsessed with cutting edge innovations in science, technology, culinary and design, bringing them together to deliver entirely new food products and eating experiences to the world.

At VOW, our approach isn’t to produce the meats we know. We are focused on using cultured meat technology to craft an entirely new category of food. Cultured meat, unlike animal agriculture, isn’t limited to the animals that grow fast and breed well in captivity. In fact, any animal with cells is now on the menu.

To realise the opportunity of cultured meat we are building a library of cells, from both domesticated and undomesticated species. This library forms a repertoire of ingredients that we can use to create both exciting new exotic meats or blend multiple cell types to create better flavours, textures or nutritional profiles than any animal could.

Since founding in April 2019, VOW’s small team have created cell lines from multiple species, become the first company to create food by cultivating cells from an undomesticated animal (kangaroo) and raised money from some of Australia’s most respected investors. We are now a team of 11 talented individuals spanning science, engineering and commercial functions.

As a Bioprocess Development Specialist at VOW, you'll be hands on in the lab working to overcome a number of challenges to make this exciting future possible. You will be establishing our scale up processes, working with our growing library of cell lines, media and scaffolds to make this exciting new category a reality. You will work alongside our cell line team and growth media team to constantly refine all components of our bioprocesses.

One day you’ll be working on setting up a bioreactor, the next working with our engineering team on high throughput data collection and the next participating in a sensory panel to improve our products. Our problems are more than just theoretical -- you will be working in a fast-paced environment on the nexus of automation, data science and biology, producing amazing food products to put in the hands of customers, all without any harm to animals.

You will work directly with our Chief Scientific Officer and Head of Engineering in our small but growing team to do high quality science. You’ll be autonomous and empowered to find better ways to do things. We care more that you bring curiosity, enthusiasm, willingness to learn, and tenacity than any specific technical skills.

The position is based in Sydney, Australia.

What you’ll do day to day:

- Select vendors for bioprocess equipment

- Establish bioreactors for our unique bioprocess

- Design and undertake experiments to optimise conditions in bench-scale bioprocesses

- Work with others to model the costs and requirements for full-scale plants to guide decisions in benchtop processes

- Analysing data from various development experiments

- Working with our engineering and data science team to automate optimisation processes

- Project management across our ever-growing pipeline of experiments

In return, we will support you with:

- Working tirelessly to give you an incredible place to work and a team that feels more like a family.

- Chef-prepared lunch Monday - Friday

- Access to gym facilities

- Weekly 1:1’s and mentorship from exec team.

- No legacy overheads: we’re giving you the freedom to help define the best approach to solving problems.

- Massive room to grow in an exciting, emerging industry.

- High-stakes work that matters to the team and the world. A mission for you to sink your skills and passion into.

About you:

- Above all you are mission aligned: you want to apply your skills in science to build a better food system. For some of us this is about animal welfare, for others it’s saving the environment or caring deeply about developing incredibly delicious foods - all different perspectives on the same mission.

- You’re proactive and enjoy thinking about the big picture.

- You’re kind, curious and enjoy learning new things.

- You’re product focused. You think about the perspectives of end users even when it might not be expected of you.

- You care that you’re building something that solves a problem and helps end users.

- You’re high-performance, you’re inspired and you inspire others.

Selection Criteria

Required experience / skills:

- Completion of a M.Sc. (+2 years postgraduate experience) or Ph.D. in a relevant field (chemical engineering, biotech or similar)

- Experience working with large scale bioprocess

- Hands on experience working with bench-scale bioreactors

- A demonstrated capacity to design, perform and analyse data

- Excellent written and verbal communication skills

Ideally you also have:

- Experience using DOE for statistical design

- Proficiency in statistical analysis tools

- Experience in recovery of cells from bioprocess

- Experience with analytical techniques including HPLC

- Mammalian cell cultivation in suspension bioreactors will be viewed favourably

Ultimately this role will be shaped around the right candidate. If you love the mission and want to work on some of the most exciting and impactful problems on the planet today we want to speak to you.

Sounds interesting?