Research Scientist - Media Development

Shiok Meats

Shiok Meats is an early-stage, cell-based meat startup, the first of its kind in Singapore (Shiok in Singapore English means enjoyable and fantastic). Our aim is to bring cell-based crustaceans to your table, which is health-, animal- and environment-friendly, by growing cells instead of animals in the lab. Not only will our meats have the same taste and texture, it will be even more nutritious and sustainable than farmed or wild-caught seafood.

Shiok Meats is seeking a scientist to help formulate our plant-based food-grade cell culture media. We hope that you’re as excited about cell-based crustaceans as we are and that you look forward to an independent and vibrant working environment with lots of room to grow. You will be an integral part of Shiok Meat’s growth and will help shape our long-term directions.


- Full-time

- Singapore

Required background:

- PhD in Biology/Life Sciences or related field with more than 2 years cell culture and media development post-graduate experience OR

- Masters in Biology/Life Science, Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering or related field with more than 5 years industry experience in cell culture and media development within pharmaceutical/biotechnology company

Preferred experience:

- Formulation of serum-free or plant-based culture media

- Invertebrate/seafood cell culture or developmental biology

- Cell culture of satellite cells or myoblasts

- Buffer chemistry, filtration processes and biochemical analytical techniques

- Media/platform optimization

- Have a strong understanding of statistical analysis and design of experiments (DOE)


- Sourcing of food-grade and animal-free ingredients for cell culture media

- Formulation of food-grade animal-free, ideally plant-based, cell culture media

- Screening of cell culture media optimal for cell growth

- Maintain cells in culture including routine media exchange, harvest, and sampling

- Identify outside vendors and resources where appropriate and oversee external projects required to accomplish project goals

- Rigorous documentation of experimental procedures and data

- Communicate results and data in a timely and effective manner

- Provide guidance to junior scientists or associates

- Contribute to regulatory submissions and inspections as appropriate as a subject matter expert representing media development process


- Strongly motivated and believes in mission to bring crustacean meat to market

- Works well independently

- Able to independently design, execute, and interpret laboratory experiments to answer specific scientific questions

- Meticulous and familiar with aseptic techniques

- Self-starter, energizing, results oriented, and able to multi-task

- Must be forward-thinking and be able to lead and contribute to scientific/technical discussions

- Able to independently learn, understand and execute novel/advanced scientific techniques

- Strong time-management and organizational skills

- Have great attention to detail and ability to keep detailed written records in a lab notebook or batch record

- Have strong communication skills including verbal, written, and scientific data presentation to a variety of audiences

- Interest to lead an expanding research team

- Able to work collaboratively within and outside of the group


The position is full-time and the candidate will be compensated similar to industry standards. We are definitely willing to negotiate!

Sounds interesting?