Senior Research Associate - Strain Engineering

Perfect Day

We are seeking a motivated and enthusiastic Senior Research Associate to complement our existing Strain Engineering team. The ideal candidate will be smart, curious, open-minded, enthusiastic, motivated, detail oriented, organized & a team player with a proactive approach to research & development. They will seek out opportunities to facilitate understanding & make significant contributions in cross-functional teams in a collegiate and collaborative environment.

You will utilize your skills to help with the following:

- Optimization of fungal transformation protocols.

- Design & build plasmids for strain manipulations.

- Design & implement a combination of specific CRISPR/Cas9 & traditional transformations.

- Mutagenesis of selected strains.

- Analysis of transformants & mutants for desired phenotypes & genotypes.

- Prepare and submit samples for DNA sequencing & interpret the resulting data.

- Interpretation, statistical analysis & reporting of experimental data.

- Maintain viable stocks of improved strains & ID selected strains for long term storage.

- Use best practices at all times in your work.

- Maintain a high degree of accuracy, with meticulous attention to detail throughout your work.

- Collaborate closely with Screening & Fermentation personnel.

- Maintain timely & detailed documentation of work.

- Mentor & train other team members as required.

- Track relevant IP & technological developments in the scientific literature.


- BS or higher degree in Fungal Molecular Genetics, Biotechnology, Microbial Genetics or a related discipline, with 7+ years of relevant experience (preferably industrial).

- Experience with plasmid design (including genetic engineering software) & construction.

- Experience with CRISPR/Cas9 & more traditional transformation techniques in fungi.

- Experience with PCR, including qPCR.

- Experience with DNA & protein electrophoresis.

- Experience with enzyme assays (ELISA etc.)

- Experience with genomic sequence analysis & interpretation.

- Excellent organizational skills.

- Strong interpersonal skills and attention to detail.

- Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

- Ability to adapt and excel in a rapidly changing environment.

- Ability to trouble shoot (or prevent) problematic situations/experimental events.

- Draft and write SOP's; ensure adherence to SOP standards


- Strain screening experience.

- Experience in bioinformatics, genomics & transcriptomics.

- Experience with automation, database input, query, and extraction.

- Detailed knowledge of microbial physiology/biochemistry.

- Metabolomics experience.

- WGBS experience

- Experience with R programming

Work Environment:

- The candidate will be located in a mix of typical laboratory, workshop and kitchen environments, and will require a tolerance for high worker traffic, close quarters, noise, odors, dust, and varying room temperatures and light intensities.

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