Senior Research Associate - Screening (Automation)

Perfect Day

Perfect Day is working to commercialize its first animal-free dairy protein products and we are increasing our capacity in terms of the number of strains engineered, the diversity of species and products we can handle.

Therefore, we are seeking a highly skilled and motivated Senior Research Associate to join our screening team. We are looking for a talented engineer who is excited by the challenges of scaling and improving our screening pipeline. The ideal candidate will have strong interpersonal skills and be driven to do what it takes to contribute to a small cross-functional team in a fast paced, collaborative, start-up environment. Your role will include the establishment and oversight of automation pipelines to scale up and optimize our capacity for strain screening processes. In this role you will act on our existing standard operation procedures and implement new methods and state of the art technology to increase our screening throughput without compromising data quality. This includes improving how data is handled, working with scientists on scaling their processes, and much more. The ideal candidate is flexible, learns and understands process cycles easily and is passionate about optimizing automation procedures with the goal to automate our entire screening and strain handling practice. A basic understanding of microbial cultivation techniques is desirable.

Your Role Will Be:

- Develop and execute changes to high-throughput screening (HTS) workflows to increase throughput and correlate small-scale to large-scale cultivation

- Be the technical lead in collaborations with CROs and equipment vendors for designing and executing proof of concept experiments

- Writing software for automated workflows to drive operation of laboratory instruments, liquid handlers and robotic systems

- Oversee and maintain robotic systems, design and integrate new systems into the pipeline, and guide the departments human-machine interactions

- Be up to date on new technology and equipment available for HTS and automation with good understanding of vendor product capabilities, failure modes, and preventive indicators

- Training automation users on workflows and best practices

- Collect, organize and present data in team meetings

- Mentor junior team members


- BS or higher in relevant engineering discipline with 8+ years of experience in high throughput screening or automation facilities

- Experience in protocol execution, test methodology and setup in a high throughput biology environment

- Experience with liquid handling equipment

- Experience with database input, query, and extraction

- Strong mechanical aptitude, results oriented, customer focus, teamwork, and problem-solving skills

- Passionate about learning new technologies and creating innovative solutions

- Ability to design, execute and analyze experiments independently and in a proactive manner

- Training or experience in the following areas is highly preferred - automation and robotics; LIMS and statistical analysis; Project management

- Proficiency with Python or other programming language, image processing, JMP statistical software

- Ability to work in multi-disciplinary teams and communicate effectively

- Ability to stand or sit for prolonged periods, climb, kneel, bend, and at times lift objects as heavy as 50 lbs

Work Environment:

- Position is located in a mix of typical laboratory, workshop and kitchen environments, and requires a tolerance for high worker traffic, close quarters, noise, odors, dust, and varying room temperatures and lighting.

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