Lab Technician - Strain Engineering

Perfect Day Foods

Perfect Day is close to commercializing its first animal-free dairy protein products and we are seeking an intelligent, motivated, enthusiastic Lab Technician to join our Strain Engineering team. The ideal candidate will be driven and will do what it takes to make a contribution to a small team in a fast paced, startup environment.


- Preparing large numbers of cryovial stocks of selected strains.

- QC of cryovial stocks for 3 departments (fermentation, screening & strain engineering).

- Photographing colony morphologies of strains for QC.

- Viability testing of cryovial stocks for fermentation, screening & strain engineering. This involves making accurate serial dilutions, & plating aliquots to agar plates.

- Preparing reports summarizing cryovial lot viability; coordinating with Fermentation personnel to organize plate & shake flask viability experiments.

- Ordering & maintaining cryogenic storage-related supplies.

- Disbursing strains from the Strain Collection as required.

- Organization & regular defrosting of the ultra-low temperature freezers housing the Strain Collection.

- Assisting with media prep, as required.

- Administration of the Perfect Day strain database.

- Presenting at team, project & company meetings.

- Suggesting improvements to existing work flows.

Essential Skills:

- Team player with a proactive approach to work. Must be motivated to seek out opportunities to build understanding, and to make contributions in a collegial environment

- Excellent axenic technique

- Good eye for detail

- Strong organizational skills

- Detailed & timely lab notebook & electronic file documentation

- Good computer skills, especially MS Office

- Understanding of, & strict adherence to relevant SOPs

- Flexibility with respect to task assignments

Desired Skills:

- Experience working with filamentous fungi & yeast

- Experience with databases

- Microscopy/photo-microscopy

Physical Demands:

Position requires the ability to stand or sit for prolonged periods, climb, kneel, bend, and consistently lift up to 50 lbs.

Work Environment:

Position located in a mix of typical laboratory, workshop and kitchen environments, and requires a tolerance for high worker traffic, close quarters, noise, odors, dust, transiently wet and dirty floors, and varying room temperatures and lighting.

Sounds interesting?