Lab & Facilities Manager

Perfect Day

Job Title: Lab & Facilities Manager

Reports to: CTO

FLSA Status: Exempt

Work Location: Berkeley, CA & Emeryville, CA

Perfect Day is working to commercialize its first animal-free dairy protein products made through fermentation in flora. We are seeking a highly skilled Lab & Facilities Manager with broad experience to own our lab services and facilities functions. The ideal candidate will have strong interpersonal skills and be driven to do what it takes to contribute to a small cross-functional team in a fast paced, collaborative, start-up environment.

Duties & Responsibilities

- Works closely with department heads and management on cross-functional projects and initiatives to support company operations.

- Select, develop and lead a small team of support staff to efficiently address problems and opportunities that are diverse in scope and many times are highly complex.

- Manages the design, planning, construction and maintenance of equipment, machinery, buildings and other facilities.

- Plans, budgets and schedules facility modifications including estimates on equipment, labor, materials and other related costs.

- Oversees the coordination of building space allocation and layout, communication services and facilities expansion.

- Assesses risks and preventative maintenance programs.

- Ensures effective operation of all laboratory equipment and serves as a point of contact for instrument repairs.

- Establishes and oversees health and safety standards, acting as a liaison between departments and staff to complete lab modifications and ensure safety compliance.

- Provides technical input to purchasing and other functional areas.

- Inventory management including glassware, materials, laboratory equipment.

- Coordinates supply stocking and ordering.

- Organize and participate in vendor negotiations, product and software evaluations and tutorials.

- Responsible for development of tracking procedures, establishment and maintenance of service contracts and warranties with vendors.

- With department leadership, establishes training for new staff in the general use and function of designated instrumentation and creates and refines user protocols for general use.

- Suggesting new or improvements to existing policy, procedures and workflows.


- Minimum of 10 years’ lab experience, with 5+ in lab/facilities management.

- Experience with disaster planning, emergency preparedness and general safety including federal, state and application laws, regulations, procedures and guidelines.

- Knowledge of best business practices, industry and regulatory standards.

- Dependable, hardworking, organized and a self-starter with excellent communication skills.

- Proficient in MS Office and Google Suite.

- This position is highly independent and requires meticulous attention to detail and accuracy.

- Organization, prioritization and being exceptional at multi-tasking are keys to success in this position.

- Strong team spirit.

Work Environment:

Position is located in a mix of typical laboratory, workshop and kitchen environments, and requires a tolerance for high worker traffic, close quarters, noise, odors, dust, transiently wet and dirty floors, and varying room temperatures and lighting.

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