Analytics Research Assistant

Perfect Day Foods

We are seeking a research associate to join the Analytics team at Perfect Day Foods. An ideal candidate will have experience operating and maintaining HPLCs.

Role and Responsibilities:

- Assay development and optimization of various methods including (U)HPLC,SDS-PAGE, DSC, 96 well plate colorimetric assays, LC-MS sample prep, and additional protein biochemistry assays

- Routine sample preparation for and operation of HPLCs with various column chemistries (reverse phase, size exclusion, ion exchange, etc)

- Data and statistical analysis and reporting

- Maintain instruments at optimum performance through routine maintenance and QA/QC procedures.

- Work in a team, being proactive in your work, seeking opportunities to build your understanding, and contributing to a collegial environment.

- Maintain timely documentation of work.

- Maintain a high degree of accuracy and meticulous attention to detail.

- Learn and teach with a smile.


- BS or higher in chemistry, biochemistry, or related field with 2+ years of analytical chemistry or protein biochemistry related experience.

- Candidate must possess a high level of technical aptitude, excellent communication, organization, and collaborative skills, and demonstrated ability to innovate, troubleshoot, and thrive in a dynamic cross-functional team environment.

- Experience with protein assays including HPLC, SDS-PAGE, DSC, UV-Vis, fluorometry, 96 well plate assays, and LC-MS sample prep.

- Ability to think and adapt to a rapidly changing environment.

- Maintain a high degree of accuracy and meticulous attention to detail.

- Capable of high performance in independent work and in team setting.

- Experience working with high-throughput systems (96 well plate formats) is desirable.

- Experience with automation, database input, query, and extraction are desirable.

- Experience with Python, R, or other programming language is desirable.

Physical Demands:

Position requires the ability to stand or sit for prolonged periods, climb, kneel, bend, and consistently lift up to 50 lbs.

Work Environment:

Position located in a mix of typical laboratory, workshop and kitchen environments, and requires a tolerance for high worker traffic, close quarters, noise, odors, dust, transiently wet and dirty floors, and varying room temperatures and lighting.

Sounds interesting?