R&D Automation Bioengineer

We are looking for an automation engineer, to contribute to the creation and refinement of our automation pipeline. You would be at the core of our technology team.

Duties include:

-Specing and cost analysis of biotech hardware

-Sourcing and assembly of components and equipment

-Generation and optimisation of analysis algorithms

-Strategic inputs for long term data acquisition and analysis methods

-Analysing data and presenting results in internal and external meetings

Ideal Profile:

-Experience in cellular biology lab automation

-Experience in assembling bioreactors

-Experience in visual, genomic and molecular data analysis

-Experience in a relevant language: MATLAB, ImageJ, Python, LabVIEW, Java, C, etc.

-Fondness for biohacking or hardware/software hacking

We’re open to a part-time/contract position.

Sounds interesting?