R&D Bioprocess Engineer

You will contribute to the creation and automation of our bioprocessing pipeline. You would be an integral early part of our technology team, helping form our long term direction.

Duties include:

- Refining bioreactor designs through CFD and empirical analyses

- Generating and optimizing analysis algorithms

- Sourcing, building, and evaluating automation hardware

- Providing strategic inputs for long term data acquisition and analysis methods

- Analyzing data and presenting results in internal and external meetings

Ideal Experience:

- Computational fluid dynamics – Sim-Flow, OpenFOAM, or equivalent

- Culture of mammalian tissue models

- Bioreactor development – Solidworks

- Automation of cellular biology labs or bioprocessing pipelines

- Systems engineering, including sensor fusion and closed-loop control

- Data science and biostatistics

- Familiarity with: Python, MATLAB, ImageJ, LabVIEW, Java, C, etc.

- Fondness for biohacking or hardware/software hacking

Sounds interesting?