Research Associate: Bioinformatics

Modern Meadow

As we continue to grow we are seeking a Bioinformatics, Research Associate to join our team


- Data analysis of genomics, transcriptomics, and metabolomics data.

- Keep track of NGS inventory and order supplies and chemicals as needed

- Coordinate with different functions across the company and plan and execute sequencing runs

- Routinely perform DNA and RNA extraction from all new strains and prepare sequencing libraries

- Analyze raw sequencing data using NGS tools and software

- Evaluate and optimize current data systems and data collection methods

- Interact closely with scientists across multiple disciplines including molecular biology, analytical chemistry, biochemistry and fermentation

** Requirements:**

- BS or MS in Bioinformatics or other quantitative discipline with 0 to 3 years of industry experience

- Familiar with basic molecular biology wet lab techniques – sterile cell culture, PAGE, DNA/RNA extraction, PCR

- Experience with DNA/RNA library preparation (preferred)

- Experience with Illumina sequencing platform (preferred)

- Knowledge of various NGS tools and software: Samtools, BWA, STAR, IGV, GATK etc.

- Experience with handling and manipulation of large -omics datasets using R/ Python

- Experience with Linux bash scripting and workflow automation

- Sufficient background in microbiology/ genetic engineering to be able to interpret the -omics data and suggest new experimental workflows.

Sounds interesting?