Senior Bioprocess Engineer

Mission Barns

We all love meat, but the way it’s currently made is inefficient and unhealthy. Even if we wanted to keep producing meat this way, we wouldn’t be able to feed our rapidly growing population in the coming decades.

At Mission Barns, we are cultivating animal cells to sustainably grow meat without the negative impacts of intensive animal agriculture. We start with a handful cells from select animals, grow them in a nutrient-rich environment, and harvest delicious, savory meat. Working at the convergence of biotech and food science, we’re on the path to creating a more sensible food system for the world.

To develop, optimize, and scale-up our production system, we need passionate, skilled team members who share our Mission to join us at the Barn.


- Full-time, exempt

- Berkeley, CA

Experience (flexible):

- 5+ years of industry experience


- Robust cell culture expansion

- Bioreactor operation, process development, and process optimization

- Metabolic flux analysis

- DoE-based process optimization

- Cell line development for scalable culture conditions

- Automation engineering and high-throughput screening is preferred

- Pilot plant buildout

- Tech-transfer


- Batch, fed-batch, perfusion culture optimization

- Serum-free media development is preferred

- Bioprocess manufacturing facility operation


- Driven to improve standard processes and develop innovative unit processes

- Comfortable managing a growing team

- Ability to effectively interface with external collaborators

- Communicate openly and continuously intra-organizationally

Sounds interesting?