Senior Scientist/Tissue Engineer

Mirai Foods

Who we are:

A young startup in Zürich area whose goal it is to bring Cultured Meat to the masses. Our Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, Suman Das, has gained over 10 years of experience at academia as well as at Novartis pharma in research & development, strategic planning and team management. Christoph Mayr, our Co-Founder and CEO has >5 years of experience as Co-Founder and COO, and Chief Strategy Officer of the Korean operations of Delivery Hero (IPO 2017, now ~USD 10bn market cap).

Your role:

- Help to develop & implement our scientific roadmap

- Kickstart proof of concept production

- Continuously improve the product

- Work closely with the scaling team for ramp up to industrial scale

Your skill set/experience:

- PhD in Tissue Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, or related field

- Comprehensive background in cell biology and upstream/downstream bioprocessing

- Hands on experience with muscle satellite cell and/or stem cell isolation, characterization and in vitro culture.

- Experience with biomaterial/scaffold fabrication

- Entrepreneurial mindset, sense of urgency

- Demonstrated success in technical proficiency, scientific creativity,

- collaboration with others and independent thought

- Advantage if experienced in cultured meat sector

When, where:

Fulltime availability from Jan/Feb 2020, willingness to relocate to Zürich area, Switzerland

Sounds interesting?