Senior Research Associate, Cell Line Development

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The Senior Research Associate will provide critical technical support within the Cell Line Development team as this group to establishes the highest quality cell stocks on a continuous basis. Internal motivation Personal leadership, attention to detail, a deep technical knowledge of genetic, molecular, or cellular biology, and a passion for working “hands-on” at the bench in a research and development setting are fundamental requisites for this role.

Duties Include:

- Participation in experimental design for multiple, related projects

- Efficient execution of assays

- Design of Experiments.

- Routine, simultaneous culture of multiple cell types.

- Transfection of cell populations.

- Scientific literature review and technological diligence.

- Operation of standard molecular biology assays.

- Data acquisition, and analysis, and reporting of results to team leadership.

- Participation in written grant proposals and intellectual property development.

About You:

- PhD in genetics, molecular biology, cell biology or related field.

- Able to manage parallel lines of experimentation.

- Comfortable working in an aseptic environment for extended periods of time.

- Excellent skills in organized data collection and presentation.

- Ability to recognize and communicate value-added opportunities to provide conceptual

- and technical support.

- Willingness and to work as part of a team and provide critical support.

- A track record of scientific, technical, and project management excellence.

Sounds interesting?