Cell Procurement Specialist

Memphis Meats

The Cell Procurement Specialist will be responsible for sourcing high quality animal cells for our R&D and production. This person will procure cells from various sources and trusted partners, and establish a cell bank of primary cells for downstream applications at Memphis Meats.

Duties include:

- Procurement of Tissues for Primary Cell Isolation

- Protocol Design for Primary Cell Isolation

- Custom Cell Culture Media Preparation

- Identification of Culture Conditions for Primary Cell Culture

- Purification and Enrichment of Primary Cell Populations

- Analysis and Characterization of Primary Cell Populations

- Preparation and Maintenance of Cell Banks

About You:

- Relevant Cell Biology MS, Ph.D. or DVM with Cell Culture experience

- Isolation of Cells from Primary Tissues

- Cell Sorting and Separation Techniques

- Immunostaining and Fluorescence Microscopy

- Agriculturally Relevant Species Cell Culture (preferred)

- Skeletal Muscle Biology Expertise (preferred)

- Must be Able to Work Independently

Sounds interesting?