Biochemistry/Bioengineering Research Associate

You have a biochemistry and/or bioengineering background and an aspiration to impact the food system. You will play an essential role on the R&D team by purifying and analyzing biomolecules from natural sources using bench-scale approaches. As a key player in the discovery of new products, you will collaborate with biochemists, food scientists and product developers to generate and characterize novel food-functional materials. Come join us, and together we will change the landscape of food.

Role and Responsibilities:

- Perform bench-scale biochemical techniques to purify natural biomolecules at the gram to kilogram scale

- Perform material balances on novel purification processes

- Perform analytical assays using appropriate instrumentation to characterize material composition (e.g., protein, fat, carbohydrate, and mineral content)

- Basic data entry into our proprietary database system

- Maintain detailed and accurate records of lab work

- Collaborate with our team of biochemists and food scientists to design, optimize, and execute experiments

- General maintenance of laboratory equipment and supplies


- Bachelors degree in Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering, Food Engineering, Bioprocess Engineering, or related field

- Relevant experience with protein separations and characterization techniques

- Fundamental and applied knowledge of biochemical purification techniques

- The creativity to optimize established protocols based on experimental results

- Excellent organizational, communication and interpersonal skills

- Resourceful, eager to learn, and team-oriented, with meticulous attention to detail

- Ability to work independently or with teammates, depending on the nature of the project

- Ability to lift 50 pounds

Sounds interesting?