Biomaterial Scientist

Higher Steaks

We’re looking for biomaterial scientists excited by the challenges of creating better scaffolds to enable us to have more complex meats!

As a biomaterial scientist you will oversee the development of new scaffolds. You will work closely with our CSO to set priorities and establish milestones for the development of scaffolds. You will design, conduct and analyse experiments. You will keep up with the latest scientific and engineering developments by reading the current literature. You will also identify new collaboration opportunities.

You have:

- PhD in Materials science, bioengineering or biology

- Can demonstrate previous experience that strongly align with the role

- Tissue vascularization, cells in 3D environments, or hydrogels for tissue engineering will be highly valuable

- Experience working with cell culture (preferably iPSCs)

- Strong background in polymer materials, polymer physics, morphology and rheology

- A proven record in the completion of research projects with aggressive timelines and varying degrees of complexity

This job might be for you if you:

- Are progress focused, goal oriented, and self-directed

- Live, breathe, and love science

- Are extremely detail oriented and well organised

- Work well under pressure

- Are a maker, builder, do-er, relentless pursuer of knowledge

- Are flexible as new challenges and opportunities arise

- Have the ability to have fun and inspire team members to enjoy work, be action-oriented and stretch their imagination.

Location: Bristol, UK

Sounds interesting?