Laboratory Technician

GOURMEY is looking for a laboratory technician in #molecularbiology and #cellularbiology to join the team.

You will assist with the management of the molecular and cellular biology teams of GOURMEY.

Your main missions would be:

To manage the lab (prepare culture media, buffers and chemical solutions, wash and autoclave equipment, order and organise consumables, keep inventories up to date, etc).

To maintain routine cell cultures including passaging

To perform routine molecular biology experiments (cloning, SDS-PAGE, protein purification & quantification assays) as well as managing the maintenance of cell lines.

To provide accurate record keeping of experiments, chemicals and samples at all times

To maintain and calibrate lab equipment

To keep up to date with laboratory supplies (including suppliers' relationship management, order tracking and invoice management)

Essential experience you need for this role:

Technician degree, bachelor, master degree in Biology/Biotechnology or equivalent experience in a relevant scientific field (especially microbiology)

Experience working in a academic/industry setting relevant to the role (2 or more years)

We are looking for someone with good abilities to communicate (both written and spoken) in both French and English

You need to be comfortable using online tools for team collaboration (Google Docs / Slack / Electronic laboratory notebook / Zoom etc.)

an organized personality, enthusiasm and team spirit are key attributes for the role!

Desirable experience:

Experience with a wide range of molecular biology methods is a big plus

Sounds interesting?