Senior Process Engineer

Bolt Threads

A self-motivated, hands-on Senior Process Engineer to lead development and scale-up of recombinant silk protein recovery processes. The ideal candidate will enjoy working at laboratory, pilot plant, and production scales. They will have strong technical fundamentals, practical experience in the design and execution of experiments, and a thorough knowledge of different separations processes and equipment. The ideal candidate will appreciate the challenge of continuous process improvements in yield, quality, and economics. They will motivate and mentor other team members through their technical curiosity and leadership. They will be able to collaborate effectively and efficiently within teams, across the company, and with external vendors and partners (such as CRO’s and CMO’s). This position will play a key role on multidisciplinary teams working to manufacture novel silk protein fibers and other biomaterials for textiles and other applications.

You’ll be Excited to Come to Work Because…

The Experience:

- You will have the ability to make a significant, positive impact on a team, a company, and the world.

- You will get honest feedback that’s given in the service of helping us get better at what we do.

- You will encounter unique (often ambiguous) challenges, and diverse teams working to solve them

- You will find innovative approaches to science, technology, and culture.

The Work:

- Lead development of commercially scalable processes for silk protein recovery and other biomaterial production

- Design and execute experiments, analyze data, write technical reports, and present during team meetings

- Collaborate with team members on experimental approaches and overall project planning

- Research, learn, and incorporate promising techniques and technologies in protein purification

- Lead tech transfer, start-up, and process optimization efforts

- Prepare technology transfer documents including detailed process descriptions, mass balances, process flow diagrams (PFD’s)

- Author batch records highlighting key process parameters and identifying critical sampling points that impact product quality

- Participate and advise in the development of final product specifications

- Evaluate and optimize process performance and product quality quantitatively against defined metrics and manufacturing cost targets using techno-economic analyses

- Develop, maintain, and follow standard operating procedures (SOP’s); participate in hazards and operations reviews (HAZOP’s)

- Design, specify, select, procure, commission, start-up and operate separations equipment

- Contribute to Bolt’s safety culture through continuous improvement and incorporating industry standards for safe practices.

This Team will be Excited to Have You Because You Bring...

- Degree in Chemical Engineering or equivalent, B.S. with 10 years, M.S. with 7 years, or PhD with 5+ years of relevant experience

- Experience with standard unit operations including solid-liquid separation, solvent extraction, membrane separation, centrifugation, cell disruption, drying, etc. (chromatography and IX experience is a plus)

- Strong analytical and problem-solving skills, excellent written and verbal communication within the group and for the broader organization

- Willingness and ability to travel up to 25% in support of CRO or CMO activities

- Clear and complete record keeping

- Experience managing or mentoring other team members is a plus

Sounds interesting?