Engineering Project Manager

Bolt Threads

A Technical Project Manager or Project Engineer who will streamline and accelerate the capability of our in-house hardware design/build engineering team to create highly customized research, development and production tools, equipment and facilities. You will be highly skilled in managing project scopes, timelines, and budgets, and reporting on, and documentation of, engineering work in support of Bolt Threads needs, as well as managing external vendor/contractor relationships and logistics.

Success in this role means that you bring the ability to work with our team to ensure we are accountable and effective in producing our promised deliverables on scope, on budget and on schedule. You will work with our colleagues and partners to understand, prioritize and solve sometimes challenging and complex requirements with often ambitious timelines. Adaptability, flexibility and an ability to parse and refine conceptual requests into actual deliverables while taking into account business need will be a required skill.

The role will include acting as an ambassador for the engineering team to collaborate with and provide extraordinary customer service to our our internal research and development staff, program and product managers and external partners.

As Bolt’s work stretches across many disciplines outside of biotechnology, the ability to learn to communicate in new technical languages and work with a diverse group of people in these fields will be an essential trait.

This position will play a key role supporting a unique-to-the-industry multidisciplinary team of engineers working to enable the research, development and production of Bolt’s novel biotechnology-based platform of sustainable products.

You’ll be Excited to Come to Work Because…

The Experience:

- You’ll have the ability to make a significant, positive impact on a team, a company, and the world

- You’ll get honest feedback that’s given in the service of helping us get better at what we do

- You’ll encounter unique (often ambiguous) challenges, and diverse teams working to solve them

- You’ll find innovative approaches to science, technology, and culture

The Work:

Within the first 30 days...

- You will take on the management of our portfolio of hardware engineering projects of varying magnitude and complexity from concept and feasibility studies, through design, build, commissioning, start-up and ongoing support

- You will have a solid understanding of customer needs, project priorities, scope, costs and schedules

- You will start tracking and monitoring project progress including financials, resources, risks, change management, and other appropriate performance indicators as needed

- You will have begun working with our external partners, engineering service providers and parts and equipment vendors to manage relationships, procurement, timelines, contracts, etc.

- You will have learned our internal procedures for, and take ownership of, the facilitation of project meetings, equipment design, safety hazard and project retrospective reviews and other coordination efforts to ensure that equipment and facilities meet our current and future needs and identify new efficiencies and best practices for future projects.

Within the first 60 days...

- You’ll develop a strong understanding of Bolt’s engineering practices, technologies and systems in order to write and maintain project documentation including user requirements, project plans, technical specifications, progress reports, user instructions and construction and maintenance documents.

- You’ll be assisting in managing facility construction logistics by providing analysis of contracts, budgets, bid packages and submittals, as well as working with the service or equipment provider to deliver on specification, budget, and schedule

This Team will be Excited to Have You Because You Bring...

- A degree in an engineering discipline, construction or general project management, or equivalent industry experience

- 4+ years of relevant experience in engineering project management

- Strong traditional project management expertise with a working knowledge of agile processes and tools

- The ability to understand and speak within the various disciplines of engineering, methodologies and concepts present in the biotechnology industry

- Practical experience in developing and maintaining basis of design, equipment and functional specifications, equipment manuals and PFD and P&ID documents

- Excellent writing skills, preferably in a technical field.

- Strong general organizational, meeting facilitation and interpersonal skills

- The ability to work and lead by example to ensure a safe workplace at all times

Sounds interesting?