Director of Corporate Responsibility

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We’re Looking For…

An accomplished sustainability leader with a speciality in chemicals management and manufacturing processes who can create programs that reflect our commitment to creating better materials for a better world. As our Director of Corporate Responsibility, you will lead initiatives that embed sustainability goals into our research programs, operations and our culture as well as ensuring that our supply chain partners align with our mission. This position must be fluent in the discipline of Life Cycle Assessment and its use as a tool to understand and minimize impact. Working with our Process Development teams, this individual will leverage their understanding of chemistry to help drive more sustainable choices in process creation. Must be able to network across a broad range of organizations and industry coalitions, working to exceed global compliance standards.

You’ll be Excited to Come to Work Because…

The Experience:

- You’ll have the ability to make a significant, positive impact on a team, a company, and the world.

- You’ll get honest feedback that’s given in the service of helping us get better at what we do.

- You’ll encounter unique (often ambiguous) challenges, and diverse teams working to solve them

- You’ll find innovative approaches to science, technology, and culture.

The Work:

Within the first 30 days you will…

- Develop the relationships you will need throughout the company to become an effective leader.

- Dive into the science behind our technologies to understand all aspects of the processes we use to make our materials.

- Familiarize yourself with our Corporate Responsibility framework and commitments. Understand how that framework reflects the culture at Bolt and the work we do.

- Meet with our Corporate Responsibility Taskforce to gain an understanding of them as a resource to drive the program through the organization.

Within the first 60 days you will…

- Develop a roadmap of projects and resources that you believe that you can tackle in your first year.

- Decide on what tools will be most effective for Bolt to work with in managing all aspects of environmental and social programs.

- Engage with stakeholders outside of Bolt. Build a community of organizations you think we should partner with, keep informed and manage/report progress.

- Build a detailed plan of what you would like to be able to measure and how you will use that data to drive improvement.

This Team will be Excited to Have You Because You Bring…

- 7-10 years of experience in Corporate responsibility leadership

- Bachelor's degree in chemistry, Environmental Engineering, Environmental studies, Masters preferred

- Fluency in life cycle assessment and other environmental tools

- Experience working with International partners

- Self-motivated, excellent communication skills (oral, written, and presentation)

- Collaborative, creative and innovative leadership style

Sounds interesting?