Aleph Farms

Job description:

Independently design, implement and take innovative approaches to conduct critical experiments that results in achieving time-sensitive project goals.

Demonstrate technical proficiency in molecular, biochemical and cellular assays involving various detection methods.

Utilize literature information as well as the technical experience to troubleshoot assays to generate reliable and reproducible data in a timely manner to accomplish assignments.

Perform routine and complex tasks with diligent attention to detail and high level of accuracy.

Accurately document, critically analyze/interpret data and communicate the results promptly.

Understand and adhere to corporate standards regarding code of conduct as well as follow guidelines and lab policies to help create a safe, effective and efficient working environment.

Write protocols and operate procedures for staff training.


Ph.D. in biology, biochemistry, or a related field.

At least 3 years of experience in developing differentiation protocols of stem cells in an industrial setting.


Good interpersonal communication and teamwork.

Working independently and as part of a collaborative group on R&D.

Planning and executing wet research.

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