The Cell-based Meat Supply Chain Report 2022


Addressing the key pain points in developing a supply chain around cell-based meat


The Cell-based Meat Supply Chain Report

Cultivated Meat, Cell-Based Meat, Cell-Cultured Meat. No matter what we call it, there are many pain points to address in order to build a supply chain to bring the future of food to market

As one of the first reports to address it, the Cell-Based Meat Supply Chain Report breaks down how to develop an ecosystem and supply chain around cell-based meat. In order for the cell-based meat field to scale and come to market, it's absolutely important that both companies and investors understand the white spaces and opportunities in the field's supply chain.

Most importantly, it is these pain points that need to be addressed to help the cell-based meat field progress and bring the future of food to market. From cell line development and cell culture media nutrition to distribution, there are plenty of opportunities for new players to enter the field and support the entire cellular agriculture industry.

The Cell-Based Meat Supply Chain Report breaks the supply chain into 15 sections. In each section, the report explains what that part of the supply chain consists of, why it is important for the cell-based meat field, and highlights potential companies or startups that could address the pain point for the field.

The report breaks the supply chain into 15 sections:

  • Cell Line Development
  • Cell Culture Nutrient Formulation - Cell Culture Media
  • Bioreactor Development
  • Meat Texturing - Scaffolding
  • Prototyping and Refinement
  • Process Design
  • Facility Development
  • Raw Materials and Supply Chain
  • Production & Operations
  • Safety, Quality Assurance, and Regulation
  • Packaging
  • Distribution & Shipping
  • Branding & Marketing
  • Customer Feedback
  • R&D, New Product Lines

In each section, we explain what that part of the value chain consists of, why it may be uniquely relevant to cellular agriculture, and highlight companies or players working to address the pain point.

For investors, the Cell-Based Meat Supply Chain Report highlights new opportunities and potential startups looking to address the field's pain points to make cell-based meat viable.

For food and biotech corporations, the report highlights opportunities to enter the ecosystem and add value to the cell-based meat supply chain.

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From highlighting the pain points to exploring new opportunities, the CellAgri Cell-Based Meat Supply Chain Report breaks down the key pain points required to build the cell-based meat sector